Dear Black River United Way Friends and Team Members,

As the new President & CEO of Black River United Way, I am extremely happy to
serve my community. Born and raised right here in Georgetown, I see the best in
our people and I am a believer in Black River United Way. Our mission is to
expand our community’s capacity to care for itself. This means planting and
cultivating the talent that we have in Georgetown and Williamsburg counties.
Neighbors helping neighbors is one of our areas biggest strengths.
As an engineer, we are trained to begin with the end in mind and plan backwards to
achieve those results. Within the next two years I see headlines reading, Black
River United Way Scores: $1,000,000 Raised to Help Break the Cycle of Poverty
in Georgetown and Williamsburg Counties. How do I engineer an outcome such
as that one might ask? My answer is simple…Through people like you giving to
help your neighbors with a hand up and not a hand out! I am asking that you give
sacrificially to this cause. It makes sense to donate to a local organization that I
can safely say spends .99 cent of every dollar right here in Georgetown and
Williamsburg Counties.
When you partner with Black River United Way you donate more than money —
you give the gift of literacy, self-sufficiency and community resiliency. Thank you
in advance for your donation. We appreciate each and every one of you. If you
have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at 843-546-6317 or email at Please continue to look at our website to see what we
fight for and follow us on Facebook.
As always, thank you for LIVING UNITED! Thank you for JOINING THE
FIGHT! Thank you for being a GAME CHANGER!
With Great Expectations,

Yolanda McCray,
President and CEO