By incorporating other partners like afterschool programs and businesses, we are able to increase our capability to impact more children, providing extra reading intervention support. There are 8 programs that support the Early Grade Reading Success Initiative.

Bold Play #1 is all about Early Grade Reading Success. Through partnerships with our school districts, Georgetown and Williamsburg, and other local non-profits, we work to ensure that our earliest learners are able to read on grade level by Third Grade. We also collaborate with local educators to develop curricula that can be implemented by volunteer tutors to serve at-risk students and ensure they have the support they need to become skilled readers.

Our Goals:
1. To connect business professionals and community stakeholders to K-3rd Grade students who need extra support in reading.
2. To provide schools in need with AmeriCorps tutors to ensure that children advance to grade level reading before ending 3rd Grade.
3. To get parents actively engaged in children’s academics.
4. Promote awareness of Early Grade Reading through volunteerism, events, and providing resources.

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