We will match your non-profit agencies with volunteer teams that help advance your mission and build capacity – all while fostering community engagement. This may also serve as a catalyst for year round volunteer engagement as teams see the impact they can make in one day at your site.

Get Involved

Anyone who participates in the Day of Caring leaves with a sense of pride and a greater understanding of how commitment of time and money can make a huge difference in commmunity – especially when we work together!


For companies: build teamwork, morale, and think of the exposure your company will receive as participants in a huge community project!


It’s a win for all!

Which projects are offered?

Day of Caring offers many different types of projects, from cleaning to construction, painting to parties. Whatever project you choose – know that the agencies benefiting save dollars and are truly thankful for your generous support.

How do I sign-up?

BRUW is still planning Day of Caring 2020. Please check back in with us for updates, including projects, dates and times. Feel free to share ideas for projects with us. We would love to hear from you. Call 843.546.6317 extension 6.