Youth United creates opportunities for local students to raise funds and utilize resources to make a positive impact on our community through the spirit of serving.
YOUTH UNITED (YU) is a program that represents the next generation of Youth community leaders. With YU we create opportunities for local students to utilize resources to make a positive impact on our community by supporting one of Black River United Way’s Bold Plays.
YU members will make grants to local non-profits that operates with one of the Three Bold Plays


Our program is targeted towards students in 9th –12th grade who are interested in developing leadership skills and creating opportunities for community engagement. Because this is a leadership development program, YU is led by trained student leaders embodying a passion for serving the community.


  • Attend weekly meetings
  • Be responsible for raising funds to support one of Black River United Way’s three Bold Plays.


YU students foster a sense of philanthropic ownership of our communities, improve the community through student-led service projects, and gain professional experience through networking and effective decision making.


  • VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCES: YU provides the students the opportunity to work with like-minded teens and to give back through fun, innovative student-led projects.
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Through YU, the students work with a supportive group of community leaders who connect them with the skills and knowledge they need to begin their own leadership and community engagement journey.
  • PHILANTHROPIC OWNERSHIP: YU provides a variety of activities, including grantmaking, budgeting, accounting, outcome measuring, volunteering and more. Philanthropic deeds give kids ownership and pride.