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Sampit Elementary S.A.I.L. students making "aquariums" with jello!

Black River United Way is about community change. With your investments we want to turn attention on root causes for the problems facing our community and come up with solutions that last and work. And how will this happen? Only by getting our non-profits, faith communities, businesses, government leaders and individuals working towards common goals. We are hard at work pulling together area experts and resources available through United Way.

What exactly is community impact?
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2-1-1 Resource to Human Services

This summer we are working hard to get all Health and Human service agencies in Georgetown and Williamsburg County to register through 2-1-1. By doing that, when our residents call 211 for help, they will be connected to local agencies. Need help finding an after school program, babysitter certification, utility assistance, health insurance, animal shelter or any other related service? Dial 211 on your phone and someone will assist you with your question or go online. It's a service provided for our entire community through community donations. Remind your favorite non-profit to register today. (Now that's being an advocate...see how easy it is?)

Summer Reading Made REALLY Fun!

?The Black River United Way in collaboration with the Georgetown County School District, Sampit Elementary teachers and staff, community faith partners and local businesses have worked together to develop a wholistic approach to getting our most at risk children back into the mainstream of learning.SAILING INTO SUMMER -Science And InquiryLearning"examines science through the focus lens of literacy. The camp includes 4 Literacy Centers, Interactive Science Experiments and Research, Independent Reading, and Writing/Technology. TheClosing Program will be July 23rd at 10:30am at Sampit Elementary. You are invited to attend to see the impact of community working together to improve the educational outcome of our students.

Pulling Together for Career Readiness

Tuesday, July 14th was a big day for Financial Stability in Georgetown. Representatives from Goodwill, Helping Hands, A Father's Place, Friendship Place, Howard Adult Center, Sheriff's Reentry Program, WIOA, Santee Cooper, Department of Commerce, County Economic Development Office, United Way and Horry Georgetown Tech came together to discuss how we can better equip our graduates and unemployed to find, secure and keep employment to support their families. The group learned each other's focus areas and then began identifying barriers from their perspectives. Next steps, the group is compiling the key barriers and aligning them with current solutions to find the gaps and what is working, and not working. From there we will identify common goals and outcomes and begin working towards them...together.

Donate or Invest?

You can't think of yourself as a donor any longer. When you give your hard earned money away, whether buying something or donating, don't you want to make sure it goes to the best quality? Stop seeing yourself as just a donor, someone who gives something away expecting nothing in return and start seeing yourself as an investor. An investor buys, with other investors, into a solid concept expecting a return. We want to help you wisely invest your resources towards lasting positive change in our community. That is what investing in the Untied Way means. Your investment stays in your community and is working towards making changes to root causes of the issues that affect us from Greeleyville to Garden City. We are focused on early education, health access and financial stability key pillars that hold up a strong community. Ask yourself--are you living united and investing in your community?

Recent News


The United Way of the Midlands has set up a donation site for people to donate to help communities in SC. They are distributing fund raised through this site based on zipcodes and communities indicated by the donor. 100% of funds donated will be distributed back to the designated county through their local United Way. United Way is NOT keeping any administrative costs.

Here is a link where people can register to volunteer or donate inkind gifts to Flood victims in Georgetown and Williamsburg County.

Volunteer or InKind Donations

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