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So a full year under our belt at the Black River United Way. So what are we doing? We are fully focused in three areas of our community: 3rd Grade Reading Readiness, Career and Workforce Readiness and Long Term Flood Recovery. Look around this page for more information on all of these topics to see why we are working in these areas to make root changes to our community.
Collective impact asks you to change your perception of what it means to donate your funds and time in your community. Demand a return on your investment, not for you, for your community.
Why Third Grade Reading?
Based on last year's 2015 ACT Aspire State Assessment Test 66% of children were not ready or exceeding in reading. In Williamsburg county 82.4% fell into that category. These numbers are unexceptable. Children who cannot read at 3rd grade are 4X more liekly to drop out of school. 69% of those drop outs will be incarcerated. This cycle must stop. And we have set a goal of 100% of our 3rd graders willbe reading at level. We are no longer settling for minimally adequate. Joining partners together for change from both county school districts, businesses, non-profits, faith community, Americorps and individuals, The Black River United Way are committed to our children and future.
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Collective Impact vs. Allocations
In an allocation process we used to ask agencies what they needed. A volunteer group would review those needss and then make small and numerous distributions based on amount and need. In Community Impact Model we ask the community for solutions to issues based on data. We then idenitfy key partners that drive the solutions and pair, combine, facilitate and converge partners in working groups to focus on common goals and resource sharing. Together large, long term investments on measurable goals are made. The object is to move the needle, rank or position in a positive direction towards systemic change. Which way sounds more effective? We thought so too. Change is not always a bad thing!
Long Term Flood Recovery
With over 286 homes still in need of repairs and rebuilding the task ahead is huge. In partnership with Salvation Army and Catholic Charities the Black River United Way is coodinating the massive effort to get our families back into safe, sanitary and secure living conditions by supporting volunteer construction crews, securing financial and material resources and working with the families still in need of assistance. Learn More
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Thank you United Way donors and supporters for ensuring we were able to match the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation and teh Tamsbrg Family Foundation challenges to raise over $20,000 on Low Country Giving Day! Funds will be used to support non-profits across our community recruit, train and put to work volunteers to help them build capacity to do more good! Thank you!

It's a Tu-Tu Party

The Black River United Way and Women United (formerly the Women's Leadership Council) happily invite you to a Tutu Party in honor of Girls on the Run. The organization was chosen as our 2016 Women United Grant. Bring your Tutu and Two friends (or just yourself!) and learn more while getting to meet other smart, fun, passionate women who have share in the cause...empowering women and girls!

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